Duck Breast With Cranberry Sauce

Duck Breast is my meat for any special occasion. It cooks easily and looks amazing on a festive table. Although I like to cook whole duck, cooking duck breast is much easier and faster over time.

This recipe would make the ideal main course for any special night, birthday or holiday, especially Christmas or New Year’s.

What should I serve with duck breast?

While the duck meat itself has a very rich taste, it always tastes better when paired with a delicious fruit sauce. Many grocery stores sell lots of fruit and strawberry based sauces specially formulated for all types of meat (including duck), but my favorite duck breast sauce is this simple homemade blueberry sauce that has just 3 ingredients. : Honey, balsamic vinegar, and dried blueberries.

When you combine these 3 ingredients and heat them, something magical happens. The sauce thickens, becoming sweet (honey) but slightly sour (balsamic vinegar) at the same time, dried blueberries swell and become thick and runny, but retain their sweetness and slight acidity. The sauce was so good that I found it hard not to eat half of it while it was cooking. You may need to double the ingredients in the blueberry sauce – that’s great!

Cranberry Sauce

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