Reasons for Visiting an Orthopedic Doctor

Reasons for Visiting an Orthopedic Doctor

Do you feel pain in your joints for a long time? Does the pain act as a barrier in your daily life? Is this pain in any of your bones and joint? Does your pain increase suddenly after waking up or standing for a longer time? These are the reasons you need to visit an orthopedic doctor. An orthopedic doctor will diagnose the reason behind your bone and joint pain and will give you treatment according to the problem.

The pain can be caused by disease, minor internal fractures, injuries, or trauma. It can occur in any part of your body such as the knee, hip, shoulder, back, ankle, wrist and neck. You must visit an orthopedic doctor immediately if you feel pain in any of your bones and joints. You can book an appointment with the nearest orthopedic doctor for your pain and consult with the best orthopedic doctor.

Who are Orthopedic Doctors?

An orthopedic doctor is a medical specialist who has a major specialization in diagnosing and treating problems related to bones and joints. The orthopedic doctor has obtained their major training and education along with FIJRS in the field of orthopedics. Some orthopedics are surgeons and some orthopedic doctors can only advise medicines and other treatment methods. Orthopedic doctors are also called Orthopedists

The orthopedic doctor treats different types of joints and understands how chiropractic works. This includes muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and other connective tissues.

Problems treated by Orthopedic Surgeon?

An orthopedic doctor treats several problems related to bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues. If you have any orthopedic-related problem, you can directly consult to the best orthopedics doctor. An orthopedic doctor can treat –

  • Pain in your Knee, hip shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, ankle or foot, back or neck
  • Fracture in any of your joints
  • Any childhood disease or age-related diseases including Osteoarthritis, Knock Knee, Osteoporosis, Dislocation, etc.
  • Ligament fractures such as ACL, PCL, Plantar fasciitis, Bankart lesion, etc.
  • Stress and strain on any tendon
  • Wear and tear of any joint
  • Posture problem
  • Rotator cuff tear, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, meniscus tear, etc. Tuberculosis, cancer and cerebral palsy that affects bones and joints

These are some of the reasons why you need to consult an orthopedic doctor immediately.

When you should call an orthopedic doctor?

When none of the non-surgical methods such as braces, splints, or diet modification are working on your problem or helping you in relieving your pain, you must consult with an orthopedic doctor. Some more reasons to visit an orthopedic doctor involves –

  • Severe pain that worsens with time
  • You are unable to move
  • You experience extreme pain while standing
  • You also experience pain even while sleeping
  • You are unable to use the washroom, go on a job, or play your favorite sport
  • Your immunity weakens over time
  • None of the non-surgical methods have worked for your problem

What orthopedic doctors can do to help improve the range of Motion?

Pain, swelling, bruising, and joint stiffness can all help improve the range of motion. And when our range of motion is limited, everyday tasks like getting up, sitting up, taking care of ourselves and walking can be painfully difficult. An orthopedic doctor may advise you on certain exercises, physiotherapy, dietary change and lifestyle modifications to help you improve your range of motion.

Exercises and physiotherapy include certain exercises that help to ease pain, strengthen bones and provide mobility. Dietary changes involve the inclusion of Vitamin D and Calcium supplements or food materials in your daily diet. Apart from this, your orthopedic surgeon will recommend some lifestyle modifications such as using western toilets, walking with sticks, wearing braces, etc.

Can orthopedic doctors treat injuries and fractures?

Yes, orthopedic doctors treat injuries such as broken bones, compression fractures, stress fractures, dislocation and muscle injuries. Fractures are of many types which include stable fracture, open fracture, transverse fracture and comminuted fracture. An Orthopedic surgeon can fix all types of broken bones and injuries and can help you to make your body function better and reduce or eliminate the pain. Orthopedic doctors may also work with other specialists, such as medical doctors and pain management specialists, to optimize treatment.

Do orthopedic doctors treat musculoskeletal Conditions?

Yes, orthopedic doctors are well-versed in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal problems, which impact the body's bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. To treat these disorders, they employ both surgical and non-surgical methods. Orthopedic specialists frequently treat the following musculoskeletal injuries:

  • Arthritis (inflammation of the joints)
  • Torn tendons and ligaments
  • Neck and back sprain or a strain
  • Osteoporosis (loss of bone density)
  • Scoliosis (curvature of the spine)
  • Athletic injuries

Your orthopedic surgeon will give you treatment according to your problem. Your treatment plan will depend on many factors, such as the severity of your problem, how it is affecting your activities, your age, and your lifestyle.

What types of surgeries are done by Orthopedic doctors?

An orthopedic surgeon can perform several types of surgeries related to bones and joints depending on the location of your problem, the severity of your problem and your age.

  • Joint replacement surgery
  • Joint revision surgery
  • Arthroscopy
  • Spinal fusion surgery
  • Soft tissue repairs to repair torn or ruptured tendons or ligaments
  • Bone fracture repair surgery
  • Osteotomy to correct bone deformity

Is orthopedic surgery safe?

Yes, orthopedic doctors are well-versed in performing surgery and these surgeries are safe to improve the efficiency of your life. The doctor will diagnose your problem and if the problem faced you is severe, they can suggest you undergo surgery. They also help to clear all doubts of the patients related to surgery.

There are some public misconceptions about orthopedic surgery such as some people may be afraid of the surgery, thinking that treatment won't help and that they should just watch the pain and tiredness go away on their own. Others feel that their pain is a minor part of aging and they should simply accept it believing that surgery should be done for obvious injuries.

At Cure My Knee, we are dedicated to provide each patient with the right treatment at the right time. Our impaneled doctors advise surgery only when non-surgical treatment methods have been unsuccessful in providing comfort. Connect with us to book an appointment with the best orthopedic surgeons.

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