8 Best hair treatment in Dubai

8 Best hair treatment in Dubai | Hair Loss Solutions

Dubai is a hub of opportunities that is attracting people from far and wide for travel and tourism, business, and jobs. It is a destination that is loved the most for its luxury and lavish infrastructure and lifestyle. 

It is the reason Dubai is house to a greater community of expatriates having a multicultural society. They are more in numbers than the locals. However, the city is providing magnanimous space for all to live and enjoy. Additionally, people are visiting hair treatment salons in Dubai too because of its prosperous medical tourism industry. To cater to the people with effective solutions, several salons like Rami Jabali came with different therapies and treatments. If you are also looking for a variety of available treatments, find the list below and choose the one that suffices your needs. 

8 Best hair treatment

  1. Laser Hair Therapy

Laser therapy is quite useful and effective for hair loss. People suffering from extreme hair loss can get better results with laser therapy. It is a non-invasive methodology that does not require surgical procedures. It is free from pain and bleeding. If you are looking for a safe and pain-free procedure, go for laser hair therapy.  

  1. PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma is an advanced therapy that reduces hair loss by taking plasma from the patient’s blood. It is one of the effective techniques for improving hair growth. The patients do not rely on others for plasma donation as their blood is sufficient to cure hair loss. It is the platelet-rich plasma that is derived from the blood and injected into the scalp for better results. For quick and safe results, PRP therapy is an ideal option. 

  1. Hair Transplant

If we compare a variety of hair loss treatments, the hair transplant seems to be the last option. if is a surgical procedure, where the expert borrows follicles of healthy hair from the rest of the scalp or other areas, and transplants them into the affected area. It is considered to be an effective and long-lasting solution offered by hair treatment salons. It is among the few therapies that ensure the natural looks of the hair. This method is getting popular for being a natural and long-term solution. hair treatment can prove permanent if the person is healthy and not suffering from any medical condition. 

  1. Hair Extensions

If you want to take great care of your looks and personality without allowing any doctor or physician to touch your scalp, hair extensions have the answer to it. This is an advanced technique that converts your empty scalp into thick layers of locks and makes you look charming and adorable. Hair extensions come in a variety. There are temporary as well as permanent options in it. They can add up to your hair with a quick clip-in procedure. Don’t get yourself involved in medical procedures if you want an economic and fast solution. 

  1. Hair Vitamins 

Hair treatment salons do offer vitamins as a hair loss remedy. It includes the application of natural oils that includes essential vitamins to reduce hair fall, strengthen them and ensure growth. it is a recommended option for everyone who is looking for a solution to prevent hair loss. However, hair treatment can prevent loss if the patient takes the remedy in the early stages. If a person applies it to his bald head, the results may not be fruitful. If you are at an early stage, you can have the treatment as a preventive measure. 

  1. Natural Shampoo

Take the best care of your hair by finding shampoo make up of natural ingredients. Always prefer to wash your hair with soft and gentle shampoos that are free from harmful chemicals. The must-include ingredients are caffeine, saw palmetto, and biotin. These products are manufactured specifically for hair loss issues. Even though you use hair growth shampoo, you may still face hair loss if these are not applied the natural way. 

  1. Hair Restoration Surgery

If you are not ready for a hair treatment, you can go for a hair restoration surgery which is also a surgical procedure. There are two types of hair restoration surgery. First, one involved the removal of a skin strip from the scalp and adding the follicles to the empty area. The second method requires the removal of follicles only.  

  1. Hair Fibers

People with a bald head who neither want therapy nor a surgical procedure may find hair fibers a quick solution. it is a kind of powder that can be spread through the bald area to create an allusion as if natural hair is there. it is a short-term solution as you can wash away with tap water and get back the same bald head. Getting ready for a party or a gathering at night is a quick option. 

Final words

Healthy hair is a blessing that we cannot deny. However, if you lose it you always have the option to recover them hair treatment. We have shared some of the natural and medical hair treatment for you to cure and prevent your hair fall.

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